August 13, 2021 - December 5, 2021

Given that the Anthropocene is the  most rapidly destructive epoch on earth, how do we make genuine and lasting connections to the places we live and with each other that transcend our  inherited, systematic ways of thought and action? The artists in this exhibition ask us to actively consider our response to place, both natural and built, familiar and foreign, physical and spiritual, to examine their personal, political, and psychological implications. BASEMENT’s second in-person exhibition features Felicity Palma, Kate Robinson, and Peat Szilagyi. Through sculpture, video, and installation, these artists reshape socially constructed binaries by creating environments that ask the viewer to engage with their work in ways that challenge their own sense of bodily space and gallery function. In a time marked by the violent legacies of colonialism and continuing environmental degradation, these works present bold opportunities for vulnerable reckonings with the uncomfortable and incorporeal.

Felicity Palma

Kate Robinson

Peat Szilagyi