Caroline Bugby is a sculptor and installation artist who works and exhibits in both the USA and the UK. Currently she lives in England where she is from. She received her BA from the University of Brighton and her MFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has just finished a year long residency at Tonbridge School in Kent, during which she researched the archaeology of the local area, joining a community archaeology team excavating an ancient Roman villa and drawing from this experience in her practice.

Caroline's work transforms and celebrates everyday experiences, such as cooking an egg or finding a piece of broken pottery in the ground, turning these moments into gateways to the beautiful and bizarre. The installations she makes render the familiar strange and encourage contemplation of the richness of reality.

Both archaeological digs and construction sites imbue the work with references. Sprawling, colourful installations comprising strange lumpen or stick-like forms made from diverse materials such as paper maché or expanding foam are brought into conversation with found objects: plastic buckets, electrical cables, heaps of party foil. Multiple narratives and unlikely associations between objects invite the viewer to look with relish at things freed from their usual circumstances, and things that are not quite what they are purporting to be at first sight. The result is a meditation on the absurdity and vitality of the vibrant medley of ordinary life, from orange construction site netting to ancient oyster shells, egg yolks to bones made of earth.